Are you looking for a new home?

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If so, Heron Bank could be for you

Heron Bank is an innovative, eco-friendly development of six three bedroom homes on the banks of the River Lune at Halton near Lancaster.

Heron Bank is being developed by Lancaster Cohousing and has been designed in partnership with architects, Eco Arc. The homes will be built to the highly insulated PassivHaus standard so they will need only minimal heating. The site includes Halton Mill, an old engineering works that is being renovated to provide 1000m2 of managed workshops, offices and studios. These will be available to Heron Bank residents at reduced rental rates. Heron Bank is next door to Forge Bank, a cohousing community that is also being developed by Lancaster Cohousing. Together, they make one of the largest PassivHaus developments in the UK to date.

The Lune Valley in summer Halton Mill Paddling in the Lune